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Chapter 1

Text Notes- Chapter One - Cultural Anthropology

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ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

ANTH 1150Cultural Anthropology Chapter One Notes Key Terms Anthropology The study of humankindof ancient and modern people and their ways of livingHolism The distinction of anthropology among the social sciences is that it is holistic it tries to understand the processes that influence and explain all aspects of human thought and behaviour y An approach that assumes that any single aspect of culture is integrated with other aspects so that no single dimension of culture can be understood in isolationFieldwork refers to firsthand experience with the people being studied Involves integration into a community through longterm residence and knowledge of the local language and customs while maintaining role of the observerFieldnotes the data collected by anthropologists Journal logs diaries etcInterviews rely entirely on research subjects as sources of knowledgeParticipant Observation places the ethnographer at the scene where a combination of direct observation and interviewing provides the evidence from which ethnographic accounts are constructedDirect Systematic Behaviour Observations refer to the s
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