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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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ANTH 1150

Anthropology Chapter 1 The Five Fields of AnthropologyCultural or social description and analysis of culturesthe socially learned traditions of past and present agesethnography describes and interprets presentday culturesArchaeology examining material remains of past cultures left behind on or below the surface of the earthLinguistics attempting to trace the history of all known families of languagesthe way language influences and is influenced by other aspects of human life evolution and the change of languagesPhysical or biological seeking to reconstruct the course of human evolution by studying the fossil remains of ancient human and humanlike speciesseek out contributions made by heredity natural environment and cultureApplied uses findings of all the above to solve practical problems affecting the health education security and prosperity of human beings in cultural settings What is Distinctive about Cultural AnthroHolism the distinction of anthropology among the social sciences is that it is holistic it tries to understand the processes that influence and explain all aspects of human thought and behaviourAnthropology is equipped to address issues like the origins of social inequalities like racism sexism exploitation poverty and underdevelopmentRecently anthropologists have focus
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