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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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ANTH 1150

Anthropology Chapter 2 Definitions of CultureLearned socially acquired traditions of thought and behaviour found in human societiesBehaviour can guide and cause ideas and behavioural evets can affect the evolution of sociocultural systems even though people may not bbe fully cognizant of these events or actionsSome view culture as a mental program a pure idea not a set of patterned behaviours as argued by others Society Subculture and Sociocultural SystemSociety refers to an organized group of people who share a homeland and who depend on each other for their survival and wellbeingA subculture is the patterns of culture character groups in a societyCan be distinguished by gender age ethnicity race religious affiliation class etcSociocultural is a reminder that society and culture form a complex system of interacting parts Enculturation is a partially conscious and partially unconscious learning experience whereby the older generation invites induces and compels the young to adopt traditional ways of thinking and behavingEthnocentrism is the belief that ones own patterns of behaviour are always natural good beautiful or im
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