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Chapter 1-8

Trickster Review Questions, Chapters 1-8

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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

Trickster Review Questions Chapters 16Chapter One Judging from Eileens experience of her marriage described in this chapter what was it like to be a young couple in the mid 1960s What was unusual about Eileens situation y For many young couples in the 1960s husbands had to go join the Army and go for training immediately after marrying y When you are dating and in your young twenties even if you arent pregnant marriage is basically mandatory o Families are vigilantly anticohibition if you want to have sex with your partner you MUST get married before doing so y It was unusual that Eileen was also splitting off somewhere new after getting married as she began her anthropological fieldwork in Nevada on the Indian reserve o First to go beyond high school education in both familiesChapter Two Where did Eileen conduct her first fieldwork What brought her to her field siteWhat was Eileens research focus y Eileen conducted her first fieldwork in a small town of 1800 people Yerington Nevada y She came here as part of her University program to earn her PhDy Her research focus is to conduct fieldwork she is mainly here to study Jack WilsonWho is Jack Wilson Wovoka y A local Indian Messiah passed away 30 years ago and promised to return y He preached that white people wait for him they should take up a new religion although he didnt specify which y Some say he was a healer miracle worker or a crook y Ghost Dancetold people to do right not hurt anybody and not fightWhat was the traditional way of life among the PaiutesDescribe their living arrangements when Eileen conducted her first fieldwork y Traditionally Indians were very disadvantaged not allowed in bars have demeaning jobs white people treat them terribly have typical jobs as maids mopping floors etc y Eileen lived in a converted garage in the white part of town when she did her fieldwork which her professor found for her Chapter Three What is the kahniiWho was building it and why y The kahnii is a brush pile it is a traditional winter house nobody uses it anymore
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