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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 4 Universal Features of LanguageSemantic universality is a unique aspect of human communicationit refers to the communicative power of languagethe fact that language provides for nearly infinite combinations that express different experiences and thoughts in different waysProductivity refers to the infinite capacity of human language to create new messagesnever before utteredto convey information about an infinite number of subjects in greater and greater detailDisplacement refers to the ability to send or receive a message without direct sensory contact with the conditions or events to which the message refersconveying abstract informationArbitrariness refers to the fact that there is seldom a connection between the abstract symbols employed by humans and the events and properties they signify Linguistics Elements of Language AnalysisAlthough surface forms may differ all human languages have grammarA linguists grammar is called descriptive because it doesnt judge how a language should or should not be used it describes how people talkPhonetics are the study of phones or individual sounds that native speakers makePhones represent etic occurrences they occur due
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