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Chapter 13

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 13 Ethnicity Race and RacismEthnic groups are groups that have been incorporated into a state through conquest or migration that maintain distinctive cultural and linguistic traditions and that have a sense of a separate shared and ageold identityThose ethnic groups with a strong literate tradition and a history of individualized competition for upward mobilityare pre adapted for competing in the rapidly changing world of an urban industrial societyEthnicity turns out to mean an especially aggressive and virulent form of ethnocentrism that sense that ones own ethnic group is superior to others in terms of ethnic politicsThe origins of ethnocentrism are linked to the concept of descent the principle whereby individuals and groups establish their identities and consider themselves distinctiveTheories of descent vary from culture to culture but the basic idea is that individuals acknowledge a special relatedness to parents and to children that endure after death it implies the preservation of some aspect of the substance or spirit of people in the past and future generations and thusis a symbolic form of immortalityEthnic terrorism is on the rise with most conflicts taking place within ethnic groups within the boundaries of single countries protestants and catholics in Ireland Jews and Palestinians in Isreal Hutus and Tut
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