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Chapter 12

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 12 Class and Caste Class and PowerA class is a group whose members possess similar amounts of power within a stratified societyPower is the ability to force other people to obey ones requests or demandsPower depends on the ability to provide or take away essential goods and services and this ability in turn ultimately depends on who controls access to energy resources technology and the means of physical and psychological coercionAll state societies necessarily have at least two classes arranged hierarchically the rulers and the ruledIn openclass systems people can move up or down the hierarchy as in modern Western democraciesIn closedclass systems there is little mobility up or downFrom an etic and behavioural viewpoint classes can exist even when the members of the class deny that they constitute a classConsciousness is therefore an element in the struggle between classes but it is not essential for the existence of class differencesClasses have their own subcultures made up of distinctive work patterns architecture h ome furnishings diet dress domestic routines sex and mating practices magicoreligious rituals
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