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Chapter 11

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 11 Origins of Chiefdom and the State The Evolution of Political SystemsPopulation growth have two key consequences for the subsistence economyAs resources are depleted people turn to more costly alternatives that modify the environment and improve productivity through technology and resource managementAs landscapes become crowded there is constant potential for food shortages and aggressive competition over the most desired resources to overcome these threats careful management of food redistribution and defense is requiredAs the political economy evolves a surplus tax is mobilized from the subsistence economy in order to finance economic military and religious institutions that in their more elaborated forms are run by nonfood producersGrowth in the political economy results in 3 interrelated evolutionary processes intensification political integration and social stratificationWith intensification political integration functions to coordinate production distribution and defense in multifamily settings the services rendered by leaders afford opportunities to control production and allocation of resources which leads to the emergence of stratification From Big Man Systems to ChiefdomsThe most successful redistributors earn the rep of being big me
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