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Chapter 8

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 8 Domestic Life The Household and the Domestic Sphere of CultureAll societies have a domestic sphere of lifethe focus of the domestic sphere is a swelling space shelter residence or household in which certain universally recurrent activities take placeIn many societies married men spend a good deal of time in special mens housesfood is handed to them by wives and children who are forbidden to enterThe household is a domestic group whose members live together and cooperate on a daily basis in production and share the proceeds of labour and other resources held in commonThe household is an etic behavioural unit that is defined in terms of the activities of the domestic economy Family Groups and the Mode of Production and ReproductionThe nuclear family consists of wife husband and childrenFulfils such functions regulation of sexual activity support in reproduction during pregnancy and nursing socialization of children by members of both sexes cooperation in substinence because of the sexual division of labourMonogamy is the marriage of one man to one woman at a timeserial monogamy is marriage to two or more spouses one after the other rather than at the same timePolygamy is the marriage to more than one spouse polygyny is when several wives share a husbandPolyandry is when several husbands share a wifePolygyny occurs in over 80 percent of societies in Murdocks sample societies20 to 45 of men actually have two or more wives common in horticultural societiesSororal polygyny is a marriage pattern when a man marries two or more sistersIn highly stratified societies having many wives and concubines is one of the privileges of royaltyIn the Gussi of Kenya wives live in separate houses and are competitors to eachother they differ in status and land is divided among the wivesPolyandry is found in less than 1 of societies common in Nepal Tibet and India fraternal polyandry is when all brothers in a family are married to one woman sexual privledges rotate little exclusion or jealousy the men do attempt to learn paternity of the children reduces population growth and avoids subdividing the family estateDomestic life is dominated by groupings larger than simple nuclear or polygamous familiesAn extended family is a domestic group consisting of several related nuclear families and may include siblings their spouses and their children or parents and married childrenIn traditional Chinese extended families the family is a corporate enterprise characterized by a common budget shared properties and a strict pooling of incomethe senior couple arranges
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