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Chapter 9

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ANTH 1150

Chapter 9 KinshipKinship refers to relationships that are based on parentage through descent known as consanguineal relations and to relatedness through marriage known as affinal relationsSometimes the culturally defined father and the genitor actual father are different people same with culturally defined mother and the genetrixEvery society has a kinship system consisting of terms used to classify various categories of consanguineal and affinal kin terms used to identify kin that are more socially significant than others and expected rights and obligations that different categories of kin have toward one another DescentDescent is the belief that certain persons play an important role in the creation birth and nurturance of certain childrenThe Ashanti of West Africa believe that blood is contributed only by the mother and that it determines only a childs physical characteristics whereas a childs spiritual disposition and temperament are the product of the fathers semenThe Trobrianders contend that semen does not play a procreative rolea woman becomes pregnant when the spirit of a deceased member of hte matrilineage enters a womans body and causes her to become pregnant the role of the father is to help develop the fetus through frequent sexual intercourseThe bari
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