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Chapter 3

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Art History
ARTH 1510
Martina Meyer

ARTH 1510 Chapter 3 Notes 9/19/2012 7:12:00 PM Ancient Egyptian Art Funeral Mask of Tutankhamen, Cairo (1327 BCE) - a gold funerary mask - Howard Carter discovered it - inlaid with glass and semi precious stones The Funerary Complex of Djoser, Saqqara (2630-2575 BCE) - Imhotep who served as Djoser’s prime minister was architect - it was first planned to be a mastaba but then decided to enlarge the complex - looks like the ziggurat but has a different meaning and purpose - 92 ft. shaft into the ground where to tomb is kept The Great Pyramids of Giza, Old Kingdom (2575-2450 BCE) - first erected in the dynasty - the oldest and largest one belongs to Khufu, Khafre is slightly smaller and Menkaure’s is the smallest - the site is carefully planned to follow the sun’s east-west path - three false passage ways protect the king from grave robbers The Great Sphinx, Old Kingdom - part of Khafre’s funerary complex - colossal portrait of the king? - combines animal and man (strength and intelligence) Menkaure and a Queen, fourth dynasty - dignity, calm and permanence are all feelings given off from this - their bodies, merged with the stone, form a single unit - united by queens symbolic gesture of embrace - king depicted in Egyptian ideal, young, nude to waist, fit, balanced pose - traces of red paint are still on the statue, was never fully polished off Head of Senurset III, 12 thdynasty - he looks natural, a ruler tested but unbowed - looking at a man wise in the ways of the world but lonely, sad and burdened? Rock Cut Tomb of Beni Hasan, 12 thdynasty - included and entrance (portico), main hall, and shrine in the offering chapel - ornamental columns and trap doors - paintings adorn the walls, the figures in them who aren’t royal take much more natural poses th Stele of Userwer, 12 dynasty - prosperous people could have a stele depicting them made - unfinished from the tomb of the sculptor Userwer shows 3 levels
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