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Art History
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Andrew Sherwood

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Reading 2 9/9/2013 8:35:00 PM - Arthur Evans is responsible for the excavation on Minoan civilization at Knossos, an only dimly lit history was known previously - Evans introduced a 3 part division of Minoan time (Early, Middle and Late) and these were divided each into sub-categories (EM I, II, III) and these further divided by the alphabet (EM IIB) - the old time line system was based on pottery and stratigraphical findings but has been known to be inaccurate, and the new system of time is based on the building and destruction of the palaces - as damage occurred, palaces were rebuilt in a more elaborate style each time - new system divided up by :  Pre-Palace Period (EM I – MM IA) – c. 3100 – 1925 BC  Old Palace Period (MM IB – II) – c. 1925 – 1725 BC  New Palace Period (MM III and LM I, II, IIIA1) – c. 1725 -1380 BC  Post-Palace Period (LM IIIA2, IIIB, IIIC) – c. 1380 – 1000 BC - humans first appeared on Crete form the Near East in the Neolithic period (7000-6000) - the Bronze Age in Crete was also the Pre-Palace Period, an era of rapid developments in the arts and overseas increase in contact - by the end of this period a rich and homogenized culture was on the island - great palaces became erected, in the greatest and richest stage of Minoan history - Crete is still a mystery due to the lack of written information about their times - Minoans had their own style of writing, 2 scripts (Linear A and Linear B) – Linear A was dated to the New Palace Period and is most commonly found in clay tablets/Linear B is mainly found at Knossos -
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