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Art History
ARTH 2150
Andrew Sherwood

Readings 3 9/12/2013 3:21:00 PM Painting - palace walls seem to have been highly decorated - fresco’s of natural earth colours were widely used - spontaneity and life are expressed in bright colours - only the most important parts of the body are added, with hardly any intricate details - figured scenes mainly come from the palaces, and at Melos there is the famous Flying Fish fresco - as the palace at Knossos was destroyed and burned down, floors fell into the basements and it is impossible to tell whether or not something was once a floor/ceiling/wall (dolphin fresco) - the Flying Fish Fresco represents one of 2 categories; scenes from nature - mixes realistic and impressionistic art, typical for Minoans - the second category is scenes from noble and religious life - bull jumping is something shown commonly as well, the artist emphasized it’s power by making the n
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