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Chapter 6

BIOL*1040 Chapter 6

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BIOL 1020

Conclusion The Influenza A virus spreads rapidly, affecting mass numbers of people in short periods of time, causing epidemics and pandemics to occur. Though the spread of Influenza is extremely quick and efficient in Canadian populations, this is not the case in some parts of the world. The environment has a very large affect on the spread of the Influenza A virus. The Influenza A virus spreads quickly in cold, wet climates/conditions, such as winter, for a number of reasons, including a lack of vitamin D from sunshine to aid in the production of bacteria/virus fighting proteins, a lack of UVB radiation coming from the sun to kill the virus while airborne, as well as the virus’ ability to spread and reproduce in aquatic environments. In conclusion, the Influenza A virus spreads quickly in environments, with colder temperatures with small amounts of vitamin D and UVB radiation reaching the Earth’s surface through sunlight. The spread of Influenza A would be much more tame in a location close to the equator, where these factors are negligible, rather than somewhere with an environment similar to Canada’s. Holmes, John. Parasites as a threat to biodiversity in shrinking ecosystems. Biodiversity and Conservation. 5(8) 975- 983 (August, 1996). Jones, Rachael. Critical Review and Uncertainty Analysis of Factors Influencing Influenza Transmission. Risk Analysis. 31(8): 1226- 1242 (2011). Radina P., Adimi F., Kiang, Richard., Baylis, Matthew. Modeling and Pred
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