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Chapter 7

BIOL*1040 Chapter 7

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University of Guelph
BIOL 1020

Kaelan Parker (0744523), Cara Moir (0754982), Robert Nugteren (0752732) Team # 1221 Conclusion Aquaculture is a controversial topic in today’s society. There is evidence both in favor of, and in opposition of aquaculture practices being utilized more in order to help sustain wild fish stocks as well as the growing consumer demand for fish/seafood. Farmed fish may be genetically modified leaving them better equipped for survival and maturation, but escaped farmed fish can have devastating affects on the wild fish stocks, by altering gene pools and spreading infectious pathogens acquired in farms (Gozlan et al. 2010). The content of vitamin D in fish can vary significantly, according to whether they are wild or farmed. The vitamin D content of farmed salmon has been shown to be only approximately 25% that of wild salmon (O’Mahony et al. 2011). On top of that, Kaelan Parker (0744523), Cara Moir (0754982), Robert Nugteren (0752732) Team # 1221 researchers suspect that the feed farmed salmon are given is the result to the higher amounts of toxins and wastes inside the
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