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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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Posterior Lobe • Does not produce any hormones of its own • Neurons on hypothalamus manufacture ADH and OT ○ Travel down the nerve cells into the posterior pituitary to be stored and released ADH – antidiuretic hormone • Main function to conserve body water by decreasing urine output ○ Prompts the kidneys to remove water from the fluid going to the urine • Alcohol temporarily inhibits secretion of ADH ○ Increased urination causing dehydration and headache and dry mouth • Also called vasopressin ○ Role in constricting blood vessels and raising blood pressure, especially during times of severe blood loss • Deficiency may result from damage to either posterior pituitary or area of hypothalamus responsible for its manufacturing ○ Resulting in diabetes insupidus  Excessive urine production and resultant dehydration  Treatment: administration of synthetic ADH in nasal spray OT – oxytocin • Main functions: ○ Stimulate the uterine contractions of childbirth ○ stimulate milk ejection from the mammary glands • Control of OT is positive feedback mechanism • Pitocin is synthetic form of OT – can induce and speed up labour Thyroid Gland • Shield-shaped, deep red structure in the front of the neck • In it are follicles ○ Cells line the walls of the follicles and produce thyroglobulin • Thyroglobulin is the substance that T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine) are made from ○ Very similar hormones ○ Diff number of iodine’s ○ T3 usually produced more, and then eventually converted to T4 ○ Will be considered TH combined • Nearly all body cells are target cells for TH ○ Bro
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