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chapter 1a,2d

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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

Bio 1080 Text notes chapter 1a Characteristics of life 1 Living things contain nucleic acids proteins carbohydrates and lipids y 100 elements are present in various combos in everything on earth living and nonliving but living things can combine these elements to create molecules found in all living things y DNA especially important because DNA molecules can make copies of themselves enabling organisms to reproduce 2 Living things are composed of cells y Cells are smallest unit of life y Unicellular organisms only one cell y Multicellular organism composed of 2trillions of cells y Cells come from preexisting cells cells can divide to form new cells reproduction growth and repair are possible 3 Living things can reproduce y Living things grow and make new individuals that carry some of the genetic material of parents y Bacteria reproduce by making virtually exact copies of themselves y Others reproduce by combining genetic material with another individual y Stages of life ex Embryo fetus child adolescent adult 4 Living things use energy and raw materials y Metabolism all chemical reactions that occur within the cell of living things maintains life and allows organisms to grow y Organisms gain energy from various nutrients through metabolic activities to do work 5 Living things respond to their environment y Living things respond by detecting stimuli and reacting y Sensory organs detect stimuli nervous system processes sensory input skeletal and muscular systems enable response 6 Living things maintain homeostasis y Homeostasis relatively constant and selfcorrecting internal environment of living organism y Life can only live within certain limits living things behave in ways that will keep their body systems functioning within those limits 7 Populations of living things evolve and have adaptive traits y Natural selection members possessing beneficial genetic traits will survive and reproduce better than members without y Adaptive traits traits to help survive and reproduce in natural environment
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