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Chapter 6-12

BIOL 1090 Chapter 6-12: PDF Document 001

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University of Guelph
BIOL 1090
Terry Van Raay

Cytoskeleten cenhal for MT A dynamic network of Tac assembl protein Alaments that arms the cellular as wend scaffoldin Microtubule s as transfert 3 Mayor Elements System form proto filaments C 13. hetero dimers MTs have fas Intermediate Micro filaments Microtube Smallest polar ene lament holl. w solid, th Send inbranched. ends Abrois. branched ry f-aon. S n m. iPaymentes) C micro Nbuve disassembl maintenance. a S nm van as prutern s Lo (2 nm to kinesis is regated Sclasses by MAPs keratin OSIn epithelial celu neuro filament on S Un neurons lamins Structure support 2. Intracellular trans Motor Conven Mcnal t un conv Non-Motr ok-helical genera domain S 3. Conroctil t Motility Tau l. Hnes in C+ en Spatial oropnizaton C- end Coiled Col contro MT yne in use AT pao IF dimer pdor moti li arizaden generate
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