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BIOL 1500
Marie Therese Rush

Unit 11: Tragedy, Games and Triumph Prisoner’s Dilemma -humans are interacting with nature in an unsustainable way -people tend to over-harvest resources, destroy habitats, and pollute our environment -if we can all cooperate then we should be able to live in sustainable way (not that simple) Game theory- mathematical analysis of winning strategies used to maximize competing individuals gains and their opponents losses Prisoner’s dilemma- two player game in which there is the option to compete and an option to cooperate, each with different payoffs (depending on what each player does, there are different payoffs) -there are four different payoffs, and each payoff in one of the four boxes corresponds to the players’ colour. For example, if Player A chooses to cooperate and Player B chooses to defect, then the payoff is five years in prison for Player A and zero years for Player B. -it is ALWAYS the best strategy to defec(not cooperateno matter what the other player does -- illustrates what is called the Payoff- final outcome as a consequence of a series of actions Competition-contest between individuals usually rivals Cooperation- working together to achieve a common goal Defect- to abandon a position in order to adopt another Tit-for-tat strategy- very effective strategy in a series of games of prisiners dilemma in which one player mirrors their opponents moves Cheating-agreeing to something and not living up to the agreement Free-ride-enjoying benefits of something without paying the cosst Bottom up approach- changes brought about through the actions of individual citizens Unsustainable- over-use of non renewable resources Top down approach- changes brought about by the actions of organizations or governments Tragedy of the Commons- concept prop
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