BIOL 1500 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Academic Integrity

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Use the course notes, textbook, required resources and glossary to complete the following
summary table.
Terms and Concepts Explanation Example
Academic integrity is a code of ethics for
teachers, students,
researchers, and writers.
Academic Integrity is
fundamental to the
University of Guelph’s
educational mission. Trust
in the integrity of scholarly
work is the foundation of
academic life and the
value of our university’s
Honestly engaging in the
learning process, not
copying others or
plagiarising work, following
all necessary guidelines to
Academic misconduct Academic misconduct is a
general term describing
the act of perpetrating
academic offences
detrimental to the
university’s learning
environment, offences
which destroy that trust
we have said is essential
for academic life.
Plagiarism, copying
another’s work, falsifying
information, damaging
learning resources, cheating
on exams
Citation A quotation from (or a
reference to) a book, paper,
author and generally used in
scholarly work
In text, for example (Name
Year) citation
Distance Education
Guide to online education at
the university of Guelph
Outlines policies, contact
information, available
resources etc
Name-year system of
Includes author and year of
work in brackets
(Lemaire 1997)
Official warning Official chance to correct
any academic misconduct
that may have occurred,
generally speaking acts as a
last chance and a first
warning that if it occurs
again, it is not tolerated
After cheating on a test, a
meeting with a dean of that
college is set up to issue an
official warning.
Paraphrasing Changing the general
wording of a phrase without
Instead of quoting, one
could simply change the
find more resources at
find more resources at
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