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University of Guelph
BIOL 2400
Cortland Griswold

Chapter Three Notes: - Darwin claimed that from geological formations resulted the gradual change that spread over vasts amount of time on earth. - Lord Kelvin had proposed that to determine the age of the earth/world was not through lookin at rock formations but at their temperatures. (Determining how long have they been cooling down for) - Physicists finally concluded that the way to calculate the age of the earth was thru radioactive decays. - The Earth is 4.568 billion years old Lagerstatte (plural Lagerstatten): A site with an abundant supply of unusually well-preserved fossils from the same period of time, often including soft tissues. Burgess Shale: A Lagerstatten in Canada that preserved fossile from the Cambrian period. - Fossils show everything about an organism, from what it eats to what creatures eat it to where it was and how it died. - In-living birds, some of the color of their plumages are produced by pigment-loaded structures called melanosomes. - The shape of an animal's ear bones determines which frequencies it is most sensitive to. Biomarkers: Molecular evidence of life in the fossil record. Can include Fragments of DNA, molecules such as lipids and isotopic ratios. - Biomarkers are so distinctive that you can identify the group of species that produced them. -Okenone is a carotenoid pigment found exclusively in purple sul
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