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Chapter 7

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BIOL 2400
Cortland Griswold

Beyond Alleles Chapter 7 pgs 191198DefinitionsQuantitative Genetics The study of continuous phenotypic traits and their underlying evolutionarymechanisms Variance A statistical measure of the dispersion of trait values about their mean Narrow Sense Heritability h2 The proportion of the total phenotypic variance of a trait attributableto the additive effects of alleles the additive genetic variance This is the component ofvariance that causes offspring to resemble their parents and it causes populations to evolvepredictably in response to selectionHopi Hoekstra biologist at Harvard and her colleagues discovered the molecular foundations of biological adaptationsStudied oldfield mice Peromyscus poliontus that lived in tunnels under sand dunes that typically had white bellies and flanks and were tan on the backMice that lived inland that dig tunnels in loamy soil had dark brown fur on top and a smaller patch of white fur on the undersideBoth colour patterns matched living environmentsDark mainland mice colonized new habitats and evolved new coat colour within a few milennia Fur colour partially att
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