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Chapter 1

BUS 2090 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Tim Hortons

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BUS 2090
Sarah Murray

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Chapter 1 Bus 2090 Notes
1. I believe they do since they are effective so why wouldn’t they use identical traits?
2. Not true or unions and also communism wouldn’t exist.
3. Not always true but smart managers do so they know how to effectively run their employees
4. Not true because many people are different and have different opinions on the subject and also
delusions exist.
5. Not true because not all employees have the same values though that is common.
6. Different strategies are employed in the workforce so who could actually know all the secrets in
the business world.
7. Also many people enjoy a great challenge.
8. Managers are not always the smartest people and common sense is hard to grasp for some.
9. Many people keep regular tracks of absences and such.
10. Payment is an excellent motivator as money runs everything now in these economic times.
You be the manager 1
1. I think the most relevant aspects would be the rescue of individuals and also the treatment of
the first response employees since their hours would be ridiculous since they would be on call
all the time. He would have to consider all of that while making the company relevant and more
well-known so the government would offer more subsidiaries.
2. I think he should improve more productivity while bringing more money in by subsidiaries and
also have an ad company circulate ads to bring in more recognition.
The Manager’s Notebook 1
Discussion Questions Chapter 1
1. My goals are to become an effective manager in all aspects of my life and hopefully effectively
through my work career.
2. Economic resources are a factor since employees from a less than normal income home have a
higher chance of having higher absences. Also workers who consistently slack of and do the bare
minimum amount of work have a higher chance of being absent. I personally provide notes of
absence from a medical professional or send notes to my superiors for days of absence since it
all is a dependability issue and I keep that high in my list of priorities.
3. Both an effective way of tracking work schedules and absences like a shift sheet or a
comprehensive system and disciplinary action program set up since it is all intertwined. Also
check dependability in job interviews.
4. I personally think managers should be around for training and also all day to day activities that
are relevant to customer service and employee contentment since they are all intertwined to
customer service which is the ultimate goal.
5. All your employees have different views and beliefs that have to be incorporated or at least
recognized since they are vital to employability and also employee satisfaction which is
ultimately tied to the work effectiveness. Also customer service is directly related to this since
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