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Chapter 1

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University of Guelph
BUS 2090
Ruben Burga

Chapter 1 BU 288 Notes What are Organization Organizations are inventions for accomplishing common goals through group efforts Social Invention coordinated by person rather than things Ex Service Organization consulting firmsRegardless they present challenges which is what organizational behaviour understanding and managing people effectively Goal Accomplishment through understanding how organizations can survive and adapt to change Ex Goals like winning baseball games 1 Be motivated to join and remain in organization 2 Carry out their basic work reliably Productivity quality and service 3 Be willing to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills 4 Be flexible and innovative Group Effort is organization depend on interactioncoordination to accomplish goalsOrganizational Behaviour concerned with how to get people to practise effective teamworkIntellectualphysical work done in organizations is done by groups What is Organizational Behaviour Attitudesbehaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsThose study this are interested in how satisfied people are with their jobs how committed they feel to the goals of organization how supportive of minoritieswomen in management Important areas Cooperation conflict innovation ethical laps etc Closely related is Human resources management programs practices and systems to acquire develop and retain employees in organizationEx Sodexo Company Good example of success with OBEmployees have access to tuition subsidies variety of training programs and career opportunities to advance in their careerDiversity BusinessLeadership program to build skills knowledge and awareness around dimensions of diversity by having Federal Heritage Month programEmployees share purchase plane defined contribution pension and RSP contributionsCrossfunctional teams to implement and communicate the Better Tomorrow PlanCorporate social responsibility diversityinclusion sustainability and concern for environmentOrganizational Behaviour is Interesting Interesting as it explains why employees are committed organizationswhat motivates them to work hardEx KPMG Awards for integrating skilled immigrants into the workplaceEx Ideo Excels at staffing project teamsOB allows you to understand what makes people act the way they act Organizational Behaviour is ImportantImportant to managers employees and consumers understanding it make them effectiveEx Consumers of organization are affected like customers who rely on Sodexos services Failing to appreciate variation in OB ex Some salesperson make more sales than other o Concerned with explaining differences and using to improve effectivenessefficiency
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