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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Summary Notes

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Nita Chhinzer

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CHAPTER 1 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTTHE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTHuman Resource Management The management of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of the organizations strategic goalsHR job is to ensure that the organization attracts retainsengages the diverse talent required to meet operational and performance commitments made to consumers and shareholdersFinds and hires best people available develops their talents creates a productive work environmentit is important that the HR strategy be aligned with the companys strategic plan Human Capital The knowledge education training skills and expertise of an organizations workforceOutcome based incentives for salespeople have a positive impact on sales customer satisfaction and profit XPDQUHVRXUFH0DQDJHPHQW5HVSRQVLELOLWLHVHR responsibilities fall into 2 categoriesOperational administrative HR pros hire and maintain employeesStrategic HR focused on ensuring that the organization is staffed with the most effective humanCapital to achieve its strategic goals Operational ResponsibilitiesSelection and assimilation into organization development t of capabilitiestransition out of organizationFormulate HR policies and procedures provides wide range of HR servicesEnsuring fair treatment analyzing jobs selecting employees orientingtraining managing compensation appraising performance managing labour relationships with unions handling complaints etc Outsourcing The practice of contacting with outside vendors to handle specific functions Counselingpayroll services are common for outsourcing Pension benefitsadministration recruitmenttraining are becoming common Strategic Responsibilities Strategy Companys plan for how it will balance its strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain a comp
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