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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 HR Chapter Notes

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Nita Chhinzer

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Chapter 2 Human Resources Management Summary Human Resources ManagementTechnologyHUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGYThe need to collect the information relating to hiring promoting and firing employees has not changed but how the data is collectedupdated where data is stored etc has changed over timeGlobal organizations are increasing their investments in HR technology THE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY IN HRM HR Technology Any technology that is used to attract hire retain and maintain talent support workforce administration and optimize workforce managementResearch has shown that companies that use technology efficiently to manage HR functions will be more effective than those who dont HR will be able to 1 Strategic alignment with business objectives 2 Business intelligence providing users with relevant data changing how HR work is performed by reducing lead times costs and service levels 3 EffectivenessEfficiency THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE TOLE OF HRTechnology has enabled HR to decrease its involvement in transactional administrative activities and to increase its focus on how to improve deliver of strategic services competencies od HR are mastery of HR technology Strategic contribution business knowledge personal credibility Data Management financial management and HR deliveryThe traditional HR has changed in 3 major ways HFUHDVHG7UDQVDFWLRQDOFWLYLWLHV Technology enables the reduction of administrative burden resulting in lowering basic transaction costsReducing administrative and compliance activities through automation is considered necessary if HR is going to liberate itself from these day to day activitiesHR specialist should develop strong internetsoftware literacy database skills and technical skillsQFUHDVHGOLHQWXVWRPHURFXV In todays economic climate there is significant need for HR professionals to understand the financial side of organizations in particular how to help the organization control its people costs Managers expect HR to understand their key business issued and to provide relevantmeaningfulinformation to help them make better decisions HR must understand how technology can bets meet the needs of customersWork with IT departmentHR and the IT Department Developing Good Working Relationships Its important for HR to exhibit knowledge for different types of HR systems technology delivery methods best practices of other organizations and types of technology enhancements that set these organizations apartCan seek out trade shows meetings with software vendors IT courses etc in order to learnQFUHDVHG6WUDWHJLFFWLYLWLHV HR must understand and respond to changing strategic requirements and effectively use technology to reduce the timeeffort spent on maintenancecompliance work in HR so that more effort can be shifted to strategic business needsTalent management Managing human capital effectively to positively impact the bottom lie is a major focus of executive today HUMAN REOURCES INFORMATION SYSTEM HRISOver 140 HR information systems in USCanada Costs of implementing cost between 100012 millionHuman Resources Information System HRIS Integrated system used to gather storeanalyze information regarding an organizations human resourcesThese systems enable professionals to collaborate with the organization and ensure efficiencyeffectiveness of the workforce become more customer focused and align their activities to the business plan
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