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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Human Resources Notes

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BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

Chapter 5 Human Resources Management Human Resources PlanningTHE STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCES PLANNINGHuman Resource Planning The process of forecasting future human resources requirements to ensure that the organization will have the requiredof employees with the necessary skills to meet strategic objectivesThe existing labour shortage in Canada is forecast to increase to 1 million workers over the next 15 years Key steps in HRP ProcessStep 1 Forecast Demand for Labour consider social concerns demographic trends economicconditions tactile plans governmentlegislative issues etc Step 2 Analyze Supply Succession planning analyze economic conditions skills inventoriesanalyze replacement summaries Step 3 Implement Human Resources Programs to Balance SupplyDemand If there is alabour shortage consider overtime hiring temporary workers promotions transfers If laboursurplus consider hiring freeze buyoutsearly retirements parttime work work sharing termination etc 7KH5HODWLRQVKLSEHWZHHQ536WUDWHJLF3ODQQLQJStrategic plans are created and carried out by people so determining how many people will be available is a critical element of thestrategic planning processFailure to integrate HRP and strategic planning can have very serious consequences PSRUWDQFHRIQYLURQPHQWDO6FDQQLQJEnvironmental scanning is a critical component of HRP and strategic planning process The most successful organizations are prepared for changes before they occurSome include environmental conditions marketcompetitive trends newrevised laws social concerns related to health care childcare education technological changes demographic trends etcStarting in 2011lmlebaour force growth will be entirely dependent on new immigrantsSevere lab
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