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Chapter 1

HR Chapter 1

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University of Guelph
BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

CHAPTER 1 THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTHuman resources management the management of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of the organizations strategic goalsy Responsible for attracting retaining and engaging the diverse talent required to meet operational performance commitments made to customers and shareholders y Ensure the organization finds and hires the best individuals available develops their talent creates productive work environment and continually builds and monitors these human assets y HRM involves formulating and implementing HRM systems recruitment performance appraisal and compensation to ensure the organization will achieve their objectives y Crucial that HR strategy be aligned with the companys strategic planHuman capital the knowledge education training skills and expertise of an organizations workforce y More organizations are awakening to the importance of an organizations human capital as the next competitive advantage y Effective HR practises are related to better organizational performance y Outcome based incentives for salespeople have a positive impact on sales customer satisfaction and profitThe 3 HR practisesy Profit sharing y Results oriented performance appraisal y Employment security Have strong relationships with important accounting measures on performance return on assets and return on equityHighperformance HR practises y Comprehensive employee recruitment and selection procedures y Incentive compensation and performance management systems y Extensive employee involvement and training Have a positive relationship with turnover productivity and corporate financial performance gross rate of return on capital HR Management responsibilities and activities fall into two categories Operational administrativey HR professionals hire and maintain employees and manage employee separationsy Requires HR staff to be administrative experts and employee champions y Services include analyzing jobs planning future workforce requirements selecting employees orienting and training employees managing compensation and reward plans ect y Responsibilities include ensuring fair treatment appraising performance ensuring health and safety ect
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