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Chapter 6

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University of Guelph
BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

Chapter 6 Human Resources Management RecruitmentThe Strategic Importance of Recruitment Recruitment The process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants Usually delegated to HR staff members except in small businessesRecruiters in large organizations are becoming increasingly critical to achieving organizational objectives Employer BrandingProactive employers are trying to obtain competitive advantage in recruitment by establishing themselves as employers of choice through employee brandingEmployer Branding the imageimpression of an organization as an employer based on perceived benefits of being employed for the organization Aim is to attract people to applyearn loyalty of current employeesBranding includes the experiences a candidate goes through while interacting with the company throughout recruitment process Employer branding has 3 Steps 1 Define target group where to find them and what they want from employer 2 Develop employee value proposition Specific reasons why the organization is a unique place to work And a more attractive employer for target audience compared to competitors3 Communicate the brand by incorporating the value proposition into all recruitment efforts The Recruitment Process 1 Job openings are identified through HR planning or managers request 2 Job requirements are determined 3 Appropriate recruiting sourcesmethods are chosen st1 major step is to choose internal or external methods 4 A pool of qualified recruits are generated diversity goalsequity legislation should be reflected in the pool Recruiters must be aware of constraints due to organizational policies such as promote from within compensation policies influence attractiveness of job to applicants employment equity plans current labour shortageRecruiting within the organization Has Advantages Employees see that competence is rewarded thus enhancing their commitment moraleperformance Insiders may be more committed to companys goals and less likely to leave Safer bc firm is likely to have more accurate assessment of persons skillsperformance level Require less orientation Has Disadvantages Employees that apply for job and get rejected may be upset May have to interview ALL employees to be fair which may be waste of time May not have innovation needed they are too by the bookCan notify employees by job posting on firm intranet bulletin bards or employee publicationsHR Records are often consulted to ensure qualified people are notified of vacant positionsSkill inventories are a great reference tool Recruiting Outside the Organization Advantages Include Generation of larger pool of qualified candidatesmore diversified applicant pool Acquisition of skillsknowledge not currently available within the organization Newcreative problemsolving techniques Elimination of rivalry or completion caused by employees fighting over positions Potential cost savings from hiring people who already have the skills rather than having to trainPlanning External recruitmentThe type of job to be filled has major impact on the recruitment method selected
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