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Chapter 16

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BUS 3000
Nita Chhinzer

Chapter 16 Human Resources Management Notes Labour RelationsINTRODUCTION TO LABOUR RELATIONS Labour Union An officially recognized association of employees practicing a similar trade or employed in the same company or industry who have joined together to present a united front and collective voice in dealing w management Presence of a labour union alters relationship between employees and firm and has implications for planning and implementing strategy Collective Agreement union contract A formal agreement between employer and the union representing a group of its employees regarding terms and conditions of employment Union seniority governs the selection of employees for transfer promotions training programs and specify the order in which employees can be laid off and recalledLabourmanagement Relations Refers to the ongoing interactions between labour unions and management organizations Collective BargainingNegotiations between a union and an employer to arrive at a mutually acceptable collective agreementBargaining UnitThe group of employees in a firmplantindustry that has been recognized by an employer or certified by Labour Relations Board LRB as an appropriate for collective bargaining purposesManagers in firms that select union acceptance strategy view the union as the legitimate reprehensive of the firms employees which can lead to winwin outcomesManagers select union avoidance strategy when they think its best to operate in a nonunionized environment To do this they can either adopt a union substitution approach in which they become so responsive to employees needs there is no incentive for them to unionize OR Adopt union suppression approach when there is a desire to avoid union at all costs Canadas Labour Laws Canadas labour laws have 2 main purposes 1 To provide a common set of rules for fair negotiations 2 To protect the public interest by preventing the impact of labour disputes from inconveniencing the public13 provincialterritorial jurisdictions as well as federal labour relation legislation Some LR Legislation characteristics includesProcedures for certification of a unionRequirement that a collective agreement be in force for a minimum of 1 yearProhibition of strikeslockouts during the life of collective agreementEstablishment of labour relations board made up of reps of union and management and a neutral chair The Labour Movement in Canada TodayPrimary goal of unions active in Canada is to obtain economic benefits and improved treatment Business Unionism The activities of labour unions focusing on economic welfare issues including pay and benefits job security and working conditionsA lot of unions today have become involved in larger politicalsocial issues affecting members Social reform Unionism Activities of unions directed at furthering the interests of their members by influencing the social and economic policies of governments at all levels Types of Unions Can be classified by 1 Type of worker eligible for membership An industrial Union is representing all workers eligible for union membership in a particular company or industry including skilled trades 2 Geographical Scope National unionsCanada Only International unionsCharter branches in both US and Canada also can be local unions 3 Labour Congress Affiliation According to affiliation with one or another central labour organization A Canadian Labour Congress Major central labour organization in Canada where most international and national unions belong as well as all directly chartered unions local labour councils and provincialterritorial federations of labour B Confederation of National Trade Unions CNTU The Quebec counterpart of CLC
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