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Chapter 13

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CHEM 1050
Richard Delaat

Chapter 13 Rates of ReactionRates of reactions require varying lengths of time to complete depending on products and reactants and conditions which reaction is runChemical kinetics study of reaction rates how reaction rates change under varying conditions what molecular events occur during the overall reactionVariables affection reaction rates o Concentrations of reactions rate of reaction increases when the concentration of a reactant is increased o Concentration of Catalyst substance that increases the rate of reaction without being consumed in the overall reaction o Temperature at which the reaction occurs reactions occur more quickly when temperatures are higher o Surface area of a solid reactant or catalyst if reaction involves a solid with a gas or liquid surface area of the solid affects reaction rate rate increases with increasing surface areaReaction rate increase in molar concentration of product of a reaction per unit time or the decrease in molar concentration of product of a reaction per unit time or the decrease in molar concentration of reactant per unit time molLsRate law an equation that relates the rate of a reaction to the concentrations of reactants and catalyst raised to various powers tells you how the rateRate constant k proportionality co
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