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Chapter 6

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CHEM 1060
Kim Bolton

CHEM 1060: CH.6 – NOTES Chemical Reactions  Reactions involve chemical changes in matter resulting in new substances  Reactions involve rearrangement and exchange of atoms to produce new molecules o Elements are not transmuted during a reaction Reactants –> Products Evidence of Chemical Reactions • a chemical change occurs when new substances are made • visual clues (permanent) colour change, precipitate formation, gas bubbles, flames, heat release, cooling, light • other clues: new odour, permanent new state Chemical Equations • Shorthand way of describing a reaction Reactants –> Products • Provides information about the reaction Formulas of reactants and products States of reactants and products Relative numbers of reactant and product molecules that are required Can be used to determine weights of reactants used and of products that can be made Conservation of Mass • Matter cannot be created or destroyed • Therefore the total mass cannot changepresent at the beginning are still present at the end • Therefore the total mass of the reactants will be the same as the total mass of the products Combustion of Methane • methane gas burns to produce carbon dioxide gas and liquid water whenever something burns it comb2nes with O (g) CH4(g) +2O (g) 2> CO 2g) + H O(l) O H H O C C O O O H H H 1 C + 4 H + 2 O H Combustion of Methane (Balanced) • to show the reaction obeys the Law of Conservation of Mass it must be balanced CH4(g) + 2 O (g2 ® CO 2g) + 2 H O(l) O H H O H C H O O C H 1 C + 2 O + 2 H + O H O O O H Writing Equations • Use proper formulas for each reactant and product • proper equation should be balanced obey Law of Conservation of Mass all elements on reactants side also on prod
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