CIS 1200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Web 2.0, Scientific Visualization, Ushahidi

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1. Chapter 1: Using technology to change the world
Social networking tools: tools that allow groups to gather to connect and exchange
Crisis mapping tools: collect information from e-mails, texts, blog posts, and Tweets,
then map them to make the information instantly and publicly available
1. E.g. Ushahidi updates the public on natural disasters and its details
Health care
2. Global health concerns addressed by technological advances
3. Newer scientific visualization tools allow us to develop antibodies for flu
viruses and other diseases that are hard to target because of their constant
shape change
4. Retinal prosthetics are chips that replace the function of the retina, which
could restore quality vision to the blind
5. If cell phones had built-in atmospheric sensors, air and water quality could be
constantly acquired
6. Better protection against sickness if phones could also sense flu viruses
Digital divide: the gap in the levels of Internet access and the availability of technical
tools in different regions of the world
7. Prevents us from using all the minds around the world to solve the world’s
8. The Next Einstein Initiative (NEI) focuses resources on the talented
mathematical minds of Africa
More web applications allowed individuals to become a “creator” of the web, which led
to Web 2.0
Cognitive surplus: the combination of leisure time and the tools to e creative
Three major factors that motivate people to use their free time to develop solutions for
world problems:
9. Autonomy: the freedom to work without constant direction and control
10. Mastery: the satisfaction from seeing your skills progress
11. Purpose: the understanding that you are working for something much
larger than yourself
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find more resources at
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