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Chapter 1

CLAS 1000 Chapter 1: CLAS 1000 – Reading – Introduction

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

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CLAS 1000 Reading Introduction
pp. 1-12
Kurgans - large burial mounds
Primary & Secondary Sources
1. Primary (ancient sources) - evidence such as texts, images, objects &
inscriptions, produced in ancient Greece by the Greeks
Mentalities - attitudes or worldviews
Amazons are great when understanding Ancient sources
Aeshylus, Herodotus & Plutarch locate the warrior women close to Lake
Maeotis, the River Don & the River Thermodon
This supports that female warriors existed
Primary source
BUT he was a Greek living under the Roman Empire in the second century CE
& that may change his perception, thus we must consider his motivation
to write
Relations between Greek poleis (city states) during the 5th century BC & the
military tactics employed during the Peloponnesian War
Aristophanes - comedies - useful
Fictional plays & plots useful as they outline social roles
Women = secondary importance
Homer - Amazons
"antianeira" - women who fight against men
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