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Chapter 1: Early Greece and the Bronze Age - Greeks have been here since the Old Stone Age, at least 40 000 years ago, until the ice age (12000BC), became a warmer climate - around the Neo-lithic Age (New Stone Age, 7000 BC) people started farming, therefore the Greeks started to stay in one place - villages were created in which needed leader, they were called “Big Men” or “Head Men” EARLY/MIDDLE BRONZE AGE (3000-1600BC) - Bronze (tin/arsenic and copper) was introduced to Greece around 3000BC, taken from the Near East, it was usually the high-ranked families that were in possession of the rare metals - a demand for the metals created a need for specialists and workshop which increased trade CIVILIZATIONS OF THE NEAR EAST - during the Early Bronze Age, the Near East had already progressed to a civilization (Mesopotamia (land between two rivers) was the first civilization) - Mesopotamia and other societies centered around greater cities that produced politics - City-states grew into kingdoms which could be taken over by rival kingdoms - Early cultures had great influence on development of Greeks because the Greeks and the Near Eastern cultures were heavily entwined THE GREEKS - Eventual
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