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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 notes - Ancient Greece

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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

Chapter 3 Archaic Greece c 700 480 BC At the beginning of the Archaic Greece period population began to rise and this caused colonies to spread across the shores of the Mediterranean and black sea Trade helped by colonization dispersed goods far past the abilities of the Bronze Age Greek identity was truly developed Etc Oracles shrines festivals This period also saw new forms of literary artistic and intellectual expressions It also had a dark side as wars increasingly became more frequentPolitical Unification SynoecismThe territorial community the demos in its joint sense meansthe land andthe peopleLike all citystates over time the capital city was the focal point of the stateUsually the people that lived in the city were more well off then the people that lived on the countryside Political unification was a simple process The process by which each separate demos became unified was called synoecism This process was quite simple because it only comprised of the separate demos coming together to create a neighborly bond and this was done because they lived fairly close to one another to begin with Even In this period citystates that were reluctant to join the political union were forced to through intimidation and force However the majority of citystates joined synoecism willingly with no violence By the early seventieth century dozens of independent citystates had been established all across the Mediterranean from Iona in the east to Sicily and southern Italy It is noted that even though the majority of people lived in citystates there were some that did not and this was called Ethnos because these people did not have a central government Government Government would have never been formed if it was not for the leaders of citystates wanting it to be formed These men were called the basileusThese men were looked at as the new land owning aristocracy If you wish to read the breakdown of the government guidelines of the Archaic Period please turn to page 72 of your textbook The foundation of government took over several generations to develop One of the largest pressing issues In government at this time was the need to mobilize manpower and resources for warfare Oligarchy is a term used to explain the result of government once the responsibilities were divided up amongst a few powerful individuals The real center of power in early citystates however resided not in the officials
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