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Chapter 3

The Romans Chapter 3

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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

THE ROMANS CHAPTER 3 THE CLASSICAL REPUBLIC Social Structure and Constitution y Usually dated to period between 287133 BC y Internal development marked by astonishing compactness and stability y Once struggle of orders was concluded nobility consolidated its rule o A few fundamental rules o Can find in the family and clientele most important social cells of state y Continuity and lack of change in many constitutional features of republic mask onset and extent of profound changes y Expansions started by 3 Punic wars sto 1 264241 bc ndo 2 218201 bc rdo 3 149146 bcHad farreaching effects on social and economic existence of roman republic y Brought about by interplay of mutual influences tangle of factors foreign and domestic Military and economic social religious and intellectual o Only these wars can explain how power of roman governing class came to be reinforced how Romes productive capacity expanded how substantial masses of slaves became availableTransition cannot be understood except in terms of Romes new access to Sicilian cornSpanish silver or newfound acquaintance with refining industries of Magna Graecia and CarthageSpread of pastoral farming and villa system of agriculture both depended on slave supply cant be understood without damage done to Italy from wars y Ruin of smallholder families by death and devastation y Long absences of free farmers and artisans y Reasons for progressive differentiation of roman society can only be o Growth of money economy o New possibilities of enrichment open to governing class o Economic activities of new generation of profiteers able to exploit traditional ties of senators to landOutline for contest of third century BC y At no time were influence and power of roman governing class in narrow sense the nobility that is so important as in classical roman republic o Were enlargement of old patriciate families who held highest office of stateconsulate
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