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Chapter 12

CLAS 2000 Chapter 12: Chapter 12

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University of Guelph
Classical Studies
CLAS 2000
John Walsh

Hermes: Messenger Slayer of Argos;  Put on beautiful sandals, immortal nad golden, carried him upon the waters  Staff with which eh enchants the eyes of thom he wishes, and routes those who SLUMBER: HOMER ODYSSEY Birth and Childhood of Hermes  Homeric Hymm to hermes; 18  Zeus became father to Hermes as a result of his union with Maise on of the Pheliades; Daughters of Atlas and Pheione  Hermes: o Cylennion slayer of argus: Lord of Mt.Cyllene; and Arvadia: o Bringer of luck o Son of Maia daughter of Atlas and Zeus ▪ Maia shunned the gods and lived in shadowly cave, son of god used to make love to this nymph of beuaitful hair in the night without the gods or mortals knowing o Hermes; guide and giver of grave nad other things  HOMERIC HYMS TO hERMES; 4 o Tell of his birth, and childhood with charm and disarming candor o Most artful depiction of micheivous divine child who invents the lyre and steals Apollos cattle o With will of Zeus, ten months was fixed in the heavens, brought a light a child, o Child born was devion winning in his cleverness, robber, driver of cattle, guide of dreams, spy in the night, watcher at the door ▪ Going to manifest renowned deeds among immortal gods o Maia BORE HIM ON THE FOUTH DAY OF THE MONTH AT DAWN ▪ By midday he was playing the yre, evening he stole the cattle of Apollo ▪ After he limbed from immortal limbs of his mother, did not remain in his sacred cradle, spring up look for cattle o Hermes crossed threshood of high roofed cave, found tortoise nad obtained boundless pleasure from it Hermes Invents the Lyre:  First to make tortoise a minstrel; o Found the tortoise in entnace way; in grass; saw it said = good omen, o While alive, you will be a charm against evil witchcraft, if you were dead you make a very beautiful music o Lifted the toroise in both hands, carried lovely play thing o Cut up toroise from mountain swell, scooped its life marrow iwht knife of gray iron o He cut to size stocks of reed, extended the reeds across back, and through torise shells o Steched the hide of a ox all around, affixed tow arms to which he attached a bridge, and extendd seven tuneful stringso f sheelps guts  Hermes sang about Zeus, Mais with the beuaitful sandals, the talk in the intimacy of love,, honored the handmaids of thenymh, her splendid home, tripods nad ample cauldons it contained  He took hollow lyre, set it down in his sacred cradle, and craved for meet Hermes Steals Apollos Catttle; cause he wanted Meat  Helius, the Sun, and chariaot was descending to Earth, steam of Ocean  Mountain of Pieria, immortal cattle of hteb lessed gods have their home  Cut off form herd, 0 loud bellowing cattle, drove the mto sandy ground  He made their hoofs go backwards, front ones last, abd back ones first;  Sandy seashore, wove snadals of wickr,; o Combined twigs of myrtle nad tamarisk, and fastend together bundles sprouding wood which he bounds nad leaves under his feet like light sandals  Old man saw him coming to plain through Onchestus o Tells Old man to shut jup, and his gardening = vines bear fruit, nothing of your own has harmed in any wa o And kept his cattle together moving  Greater part od divine night, dark help was over, o Brigt Selene daughter of Lrod allas, son of Megamedes; had took watch post, while Hermes drove Phebus Apollo’s cattle through River Alpheus o Got to lofty helter, made a fire,  Hermes created first fire sticks and fire, but Hephaestus was known for kindling the fire  Hermes outside near the blaze, tow horned cattle, bellowing for much strength o Three them both panting upon their bands, broe down them, and oiereced through the lifes marrow, o Cutting the meat rich in fat, spearing the pieces with wooden spits, roasted all together the flesh, choice parts from the back and bowel that had black blood o Laid these pie ces on the flat roack, wished the rich bundles away, divided htem into 12 portions, adding a choice piece to each, making it wholly honorable offering  Hermes longed for sacred meat of the sacrifice, sweet aroma made him week o Noble heart did not yield, desire was overwleming togult the ffering down his throat o Put the fat an d meat away in the cave, o He gathed up the wood for the fire, and destroyed all the hoofs and heads in the balze o Threw his sandals in to deep steam of Alpheus, put out the embes, hide the black asshes in the sand o Went back to Mt. Clyene, into holy cradle, and with left side = Lyre  Maia caught on  Tells her that he will go after Divine honor, like Apollo o Tells er Apoll comes for him he’ll face even greater los, since he’ll go to tPytho, break right into his house, size from within very beautiful tripods, bowsl, gold iron and clothing Apollo Confronts Hermes  Apollo was on his wave, came to Onchestus,  Found old man,  Tells him that Apollo has come form Pieria looking for cattle; all cows with curved horns  But bull, and dogs four them were left behind  Saws he was a child, infant, tended the fine horned cattle and had a stick,  Apollo noticed a bird, wing exepended, that the thief was child born of Zeus o Saw foot prints that are are stranger  Apollo through stones stheeshold into cave in Mt.Cylene  Apollo didn’t fall for Herme’s child act, o Looked in every corners o Open three chambers full of nectar and amrbosia; storied silver and gold, nyphs garments in rich hues of purpose and silver  Tells hermes he’ll send hinm to darkness of Tartus  Heermes puts up an act, says es not interested in catle,  Butrather mothers breat, baby blankets, shoulders and warm blackets  Hermes says if Apollo wants, he’ll take a great oath; o Voew that Ia am not guilty myself not seen anyone else who might be the one who stole your cows, for I have only heard about them now for the first  Apollo doesn’t by it, calls him a cheat, o Says if you do not want to slee your last and longest sleep, o Calls him comrade of t blac night  Apollo took the child, o Hermes while being carried had an in, he was being lefti n Apollos hands nad he let go an omen, form his belly, and right after it he gave a violent sneez,e dropped Hermes Hermes nad Apollo Bring their Case Before Zeus  Quarrlled over every points  Happy throng occupoeid snow capped Olympus, assemved with the coming of golden throned Dawn  Silve bow stood before the kneed of Zeus,  Tells Zeus he found the child on Mt. Cylene; robber; stole cows form meadows;  Tracks were of tow kind stang nad marvelous work of clever spirit o Dark dust retained the print of the cattle  Says motal man noticed him driving the heard  Hermes in his naswers o Tells him that he’s honest and does not know how to lie o That he was threatned to be sent to Tatarus o Swears on great oath,  Zeus laughted as he saw the devious child lie about the cattled  Zeus ordered the two act in accord and make a search o hHerems in his role of guide lead without malicious intent, point spot where he had hidden the cattle o Heremes obeyed as will of Zeus persaided him with Reconciliation  Sons of Zeus, to sandy Pylos, to river Alpheus, came ot loft cave where animals shelted in ignitime  Drove might head of cattle out in the night,  Apollo asks how infant was able to skin tow cows, and wonders what his strength will be in the future  Apollo took Lyre in hleft hand , and triked stirking successive notes,  LApollo laughed with delight at the heavenly music o Son of Maia, growing bold, began to sin, sound of voice, fashioned on themeeo f immortal gods, and dark earth and how everything became o He honored first of Mnemosyne, mother of Muses, for she honored Herem on her own o Played tribute to all time  Apollo enjoyed the badass music and was like we at peace o Tells him the sounds, were never heard before onlympus or earth, o Music gives three blessings together all once ▪ Joy, love and sweet music  Apollo follow the Olympian muses who deling in dancing to beat of music, tunes of flutes,  Tells Herme he plays too good, o Says that spear of cornel wood, vows to make Herems renowned and prosperous guide among immortal gods and give plsendidt gift and to the end I shall nto deive you  Hermes alklso wants friendships  Hermes tells Apollo that since his heart is set on playing the lyre, sing nad play, and be merry from, accept this gift from, bestow glory upon me o Gives splendeid gift, we both feed he cattle on the field, and plain where hroses also garaze o Tells him not to be violent angry  Hermes gives him the Lyre, and apoll ogives him the shiniing whip he had and put him in charge of cattle herd  Hermes fashioned another instrument and learned another art, produing the sounds of pipes that are heard from afar  Apollo fears that Hermes will steal the lyre or curved boat, so tells him to swear the great oath of the gods o by nod of head, by mighty waters of river Sty, do everything to satisfy hearst desire o Hermes like nah fam, dw, I wont steal from you  They had a loving friendship, bond between us trusted, and honored in my heart and all od gods o Gives golden staff of pr
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