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Chapter 9

CLAS 2000 Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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University of Guelph
Classical Studies
CLAS 2000
John Walsh

Chapter 9: Aphrodite and Ero Herodotus; Babylonias; disgraceful customer, native women once in her life must live in the sanctuary of Aphrodite and have sex with a strangers; unattractive remain there for a while; 3-4 years sometimes  Hesoid: o Aprodite after castration of Uranus, derived her name from Greek word; aphros; foam o Links goddess to Cthera with Cyprus; the latter associated wit her worship in the CITY PAPHOS o Aphro is called Cytherea or Cybris:  Another version; o Parents are Zeus and Dione: ▪ Dione is the female version of Zeus’s name; which in another form is Dios Aphrodite Urania and Aphrdite Pandemos  Double tradtion of her birth suggests; duality in her character or two sepeatrte goddesses of love  Aphro Urania or Celestial Aprohdite o Sprung form Uranus alone, is ethereal, sublime  Aphro Pnademos: Aphrodite of All people or COMMMON APHRO; sprung from ZEUS  PLATO’ SYMPOSIUM ; elaborates un this distinction, claims that Aphrodite Urania; older of the two is MORE STRONGER< MORE INNTELIGENT AND SPIRITUAl o Aphro Pandemos; from both sexes is more base, and devoted to physical satisfactions;  Aphrdoite Urania; despite her sexuality n Hesiod’s account o Becomes for philosophy, religions, the celestial goddess of pure, spiritual love and the anthesis of Aphrodite Pandemos; goddess of physical attraction and proceations  Distinction between sacred and prfane = most profound archetypes Nature and Appearance of Aphrodite: Homeric Hymn to Aprodite 10:  Cult places = Cyprus and Cythera, and city of Salamis in Cyprus o Cyprus born Cytherea; bloom of loss,  Goddess of beauty, LOVE, marriage; WORSHIP WAS UNIVERSAL  Port Ctiis; o Ephesus, Phaphos and Corines; temploe Harlots in Aphroo’s honor o Athens: ▪ Goddess the staid and respectable deity of marriage nad married love  Seudice allurement was very great, possessed magic girdle with irrestible powers of enitcements, o HERA borrows the GIRDLE against Zeus  Conceptions of Aprhro in sculpture, literature, archaic idots, gorestegue in the exaggerate of her sexual attirbutes o Early Greek art; = beautiful women that is clothed o Fourth century: nude, idealizations of woman hold in her feminity o Scuplptor Paxietles; responsible for establishing this type; sensous in its osft curve, voluptuousness o Venus from Melos; extant copies, since Praciteles originals have not surived Attendants of Aprho  Graces ; charities and the Hours or Season (Horae) associated with Aprhodites as decorative and appropriate attendants  Three Graces; are personification of aspects loveiliness  Horae: daughter of Zeus and Themis; difficult to distinguish from Graces, o Emerge with clearer identities as Seasons; thought of as a group of two, threeo rfour o Horae means hours, thefore time nad thus ultimately seasons  Homeric Hymn to Aprop: 6 o Decking out of Aphrodite by the Horae; called the hsours o Clother her in divince garments, place grown of gold, flowers of copper and precious gold in her ears o Necklace og gold over soft and silver breast Phallic Priapus  Elemental and physical aspects ofAphro’s nature are seen in her son, Priapus o Father= heremes, Dionysus, Pan, Adonis or even Zeus  Priapus= fetility god, deformed and bearing huge erect phallus  Found ingard and door of houses,  Part scarecrow, part bringer of luck, part guadian against thieves= something in common wit Hermes  He resembles Dionysus nad Pan; sometimes confused with them  Stories about him = comic and obsecene  His worship in the jaded society, cult of sophisticated pornography Pygmalion:  Potent theme of Aprho’s power  Ovid: tells how Aprhodite; venus in this version enraged wit hteh women of Cyrpruse; dare to deny her divinity in her wratch, caused them to be the first women to prostitute themselves, o As they lost their sense of shame, it was easyt to turn them into stone  Ovid: story of Pygmalion; and result of digust for these women o Pygmalion saw women leading a life of sin, repelled by the man vices that nature had impaned in the feminine mind o He lived alone without a wife for long time, o Fashioned status of ivory, white as snow, gave it to a beauty surpassing that of any woman bron, ▪ Fell in love what he made, ▪ It looked likes a real maidon, who would believe was alive, and willing to move, had not modesty prevented her ▪ Often double check if it was actually blood or ivory, ▪ He gavei t kissed, spoke to it held, ▪ Touched nad was afraid a bruise might appear as he pressed her close o Enticed her with balndishments, broughtgifts; pebbles, bird, flowers, lilies, painted balls, drops of amber, tears wepbt by Phaethons sisters o He placed her on her head on soft pillows like she could hear them  The most celebrated feast day of devenus in whole of Cyprus arrived o Hiefers, their crooked horns adorned with gold, slaughted by the blow of the axes on their snowy necks, incense smoked o Pygmalion, prayed for his wife, not the ivory madden  When he returned home, Pygmalion grasped the imageo f his girl, showered her with kissed  Touched her lips, felt her breast with his hands o With thetouch, ivory grew soft, o Rigidity gave way to the pressure of his hands o It was a body, veind throbbed as he felt them with his tumb  Pygmalion gave full prayers in which he gave thanks to Venus; o Presses his lips on lips that are real, maiden feels the kisses, raises her eyes to meet his, sees both her lover and the ksky  Aphro present a marriage, now when the scrent moon had become full nine times, Pymalions wife gave birth to Paphos, from him the place got its  Wife NAME = GALATEA Pymalion and the Image  Painter Edward Burn Johns, scupts imageo f ideal women, who through agency of Venus comes to live  Burne Jones: pre Rahaphelits, rejected of rigid, academic aethestic cannot of the own day, return to purity nad simplicity of Itlainat art before Rapheal paint and architect of italty o Combine harmoniously an austere realism with lush symbolism  Pre Raphs; drew from Greek myths nad Arthurian legends  Morris published famour work Earthy Paradis, narrative stories from Greke, Norse nad Dmeivial myths  Burne had four scenes Aphrodite and Adonis  In the most famamous myths, Aprho is confused with great Phenician Goddess; Astarte: o Common as they love a young handosme youth named by the Greeks Adone  Aprho and Adonis by OVID o Paphos, song of PYhmalion nad Calateas ahs a son, Cinyras, whose daughter, Myrrha, fell in love with her own father ▪ Tormented by sense of shame and guilty, was on the vefrge of suide, but rescued by faithful nurse, who wrenched the secret from her ▪ Horrified, the nurse rather help satisy the girls passion rather than to se her die  Arrange that the daughter should go to the bed of her father, whithout his knowing her identity, incestrous relations continued, until Cinyras found out hwom he had been sleeping o She ran, Myrhha, and prayed for deliverance and changed in mmyrrh tree; drips with her tears o Becomes pregnant by father, and beautiful son w named Adonnis was born, handsome youth and keen Hunter  Aprho sees Adonis, falls in love; and warns him against the hangers of the hunt, telling him to wary of wild beast, tahat would not turn and flee but stood firm  Ovid’s otry o Adonis’s courage stood in the way of her admonitions o Adonis faced wild boar; hit the glance blow on the side, savage beast, disloged the blood stained spear and made ofr the frienthened youth as he fled for safety ▪ Boar buried his tusk deep within groin and brought him down on the yellow sand, dying o Aphro; complained against the Fate; ▪ Told Adonis, the scene of his death wil be created annually with the ritiual of my grief perforomed ▪ Blood transformed into a flower; • Calls to Perspephone who changed the limbs of maiden Mentha into fragant MinT ▪ Aphro sprinked gradnant nector on his blood, gleaming bublle in the rain, flower sprung, red as thick skin of the fruit, • Flower is of brief enjoyment for the wins below it, named; ANEMONE: with dififcult it clings to life, and falls under the blasts nad buffets  Ovid’s story; worship of Adonis involvement ceremonial wailing, sing of dirges over the effigy of the death youth,  Recurrent theme; Great mother nad her love, who dies as vegeations dies and comes back to life, o Another version of this myth is even more clear o As an infant, Aphro put him in a chest and gave it to Persephone o Persephone refued to give him back after see the beatutyy, obvi Aphro then pissed o Zeus settled the quarrerel, one part the year Adonis will stay below with Perspehone, and with Aprho in upper for the other part  Simmiliarities to dead and rise of Christ for Eason; o Chriatinity transformed the acneit conception of the sorrowing goddess wit hher lover dying in her arms to sad Virigin hold in her lap her beloved son Cybele and Attits  Phrygian story of Cybele and Attis; parallel Aphro and Adonis  Variation on eternal myth of the great mother and her love that eventually spread through Greoc roman world  Cybele sSRPUNG FROM EARTH; bisexual diety, then reduced to FEMALE  From severed organ, an almon tree arose. Nan the daughter of the god of the River, Dangarios, picked up a blossom from the tree, and put it in her bosom o The blossom disappeared and Nana found herself pregnant o When a son, Attis was bron, exposed and left to die, but a he-goat attended him o Attitis grew up = handsound and Cybele fell in love with him o But he loved another, and Cybele in her jealous drove him mad, and in his madness he castrated himself  Cybele repented nad obtained Zeus’ promise that the body of Attits would never decay  Actual worship, Cybele, followed by retinue of deovtees worked themselves in frenze devotion = slead to self mutilaitions o Orgiastic nature of her ritual suggested by frantic musice accompanised her, beaitn of drums clashing of cymvals and blaring of horns o Historically her priesets called GALLI were EUNUCHS; o Easy to see how the din that attended Cybele could be identified with the ritual connect with Rheas, whose attendants hide the cires of Zeus from his father, by clash of their music o Curetes became identified with Galli  Like Adonis, Attis is resurrection god, and their personalities mern the tradition o Died from tusk of boar, and become back to life with rebirth of vegeations o Evidence of spring time cermonie, public mourned and rjoeiced for the death and rebirth of Attism, o Nature of secret and mystic rites= parot of his worship  Frazer; reocncentrations o Scaremtneal meal nad capitsm of blood o Eating out of a drum and drinking out of a cymbal, two insturmetns of music; prominent in the thrilling orchestra of attis o Morning ofr the dead god, and communicant for ht reception of the blessed sacrament ▪ Baptism the devotee corwned with gold nad wrathed with fillet descened into put , the mouth of whch covered with wooden grating ▪ Bull with garland of flowers, forehead with golden leaf was driven to the grating nad stabbed to death soncecrated spear ▪ Hot reeking blood poured n torrents, • Till he meerged from the bit, drenched, dropping and sraclet form head to foot, homage and odrations born againt o eternal life, wash away his isn in the blood of the bull • Fiction of new birth, kept up by dieting him on milk lik new • Regeneration of worshiper took place at the same time as the rengereation of his god, venral equinox  Reseurrection and new life attains Aphrodite and Anchises  Possibility of utter debilitation of the male as he fertilizes the female is a key element, achises is in dread fear that he will be depleted and echuasted as a man because he has slept with immortal goddess  Homeric Humpn; evidence of the might goddess power, and rich symbolic picture of her devastating bueaity  Here aphro is freility godded and mother as well as divine enticing owomen, epitomizing lure of sexul and romantifc love  Homeric Hymn to Aphro o Says goddess of love is unable to sway: Athena, Artemis and Hestia; all other gods she can bend ot her will, o Zeus caused Aprhodite herself to fall in love with a mna because he did not want her to continue her boast that she in her power had joined the immortal gods nad goddess in love with mortal to beget mortal children, but had experience no such humiliating coupling herself o Major theme of union between Aprho and Achises, Homer: Zeus’ revenge on Aprho  She cannot Seduce three goddess:  Athena; brighteyes; for the deed of Aphrodite giver her no pleasure, she enjoys the work of Ares,f fights, battle wars, o Taught craftmean to the earth, make war charitos, carriages fancy with bronze o Teach arts to soft skinned maidens in home by instilling proper skill  Aretemis: o Goddess of the nosiy hun, shfafts of golds, enjoys her bows and arrow o Kills naimals, also the lyre dancing choruses and trhilling cries, shady groves and cities of just mortals  Hestia o First of the children o Posidon and Apolo woed this virgin, she did not want, swore to Zeus she would be virgin; o Sits and receives richest offering, in all tmeps, she holds her resepcted place, o Ordinated as the most venerable  Heart of three, cannot influence  She has led astry eeven thte minde of Zeus; o Gets him to mate with mortals, without knowledge of Hera, who is her great beautiy is the bestamong oimmortal goddess  Zeus, instilled sweet desire in Aprho to have intercourse with a man, she would be guilty of love with a mortal so that laughter loving Aprho, could not mock the gods o Zeus made her want achises; who tended cattle on high ranges ofmt. Ida; ▪ In beuatiy he was like the immortals, she fell in love with him  Aphro went ot Paphos and entered her grant temple, o Inside temple, Graces bathed her amd rubbered with ambrosial oil, kingd used by eternal gods o With beautiful clothes and aorned with gold, went to Troy, and had gray wolve,s lions, bears, panthers and adeerk follow ▪ She was delighted within her heart , fill their breasts with desire and they all went together in peairs ot bed ▪ Aphrod Seduces Anchises  Achiless saw her and was like damn,  Wore a robe that was more brilliant htan the gleam fo fire, intricate jewley  Desire gripped Achises, womened whoever the gblessed gods ou are, Artemis, Aphrodite, Tehmis or Athena, or one of the Graces;  Says e’ll build an altar for her high on mound, osffer sacrificies in all seasons   Aphro says shes a mortal,  Daughter of Otreus; who rules over Phrgia;  Says that trojan nurse, helped he grew up so she understands  Hermes, slayer of Argus, with his golden wand snatched me away from choral dance for Artemis, as they were a group of many nymphs and virigns  Hermes told her apparentl, that she would be called to bed of Anchises as his lawful wife, and bear splendid children  Tells Anchises to take her pure,  Says that her parents will send gold enough, woven raiment to accept gifts as their dowry for me  Anchises say if you say your mortal and you mammas is a mortal, then one of the gods or mortal will restrain me from join in love for you, even ifr archer god Apollo shotos his grief laden shafts  After he goes to her bed, he will be willingly to go to house of Hades  Achises first removed the gleaming ornaments, intricate boorches, flowersn and enklasses  Set them down on silver studed chair, he mortal man lay with immortal goddss Aphro reveals herself  After sex, Aphro wakes Anchises form sleeps, called out ot him with word,s get up Son of Dardanus  As he woke, saw beautiful neck and eys ofAphro, looked down turning his eyes away,  Realize she aphro and is like wow you liar, but eh, do not let me live in the mortals, as no man retains his full strength who sleeps with immortal goddess  Aphros likes chill out homebody, do not fear, you will not suffer evil from me or other blessed and that he is loved form the gods  That he will havea a son who rule among Troje, his children produce continuity of family succession  His name will be Aeneas,  Aphro like shit, dread anguish, cause she elpt with mortals,  Aphri pissed cause she can longer taunt the gods, with baots  She continues to justify her ac
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