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Chapter 8

CLAS 2000 Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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University of Guelph
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CLAS 2000
John Walsh

Thursday, February 16, 2017 Chapter 8: Athena The Birth Of Athena Zeus first married Metis whose name means “wisdom”, and just as she was going to have Athena, Zeus swallowed Metis, as he was scared she would bear a son who would overthrow him • instead, Athena was born out of his head, the equal of her father, and a son who would become king of both gods and mortals • Athena was the favourite daughter of Zeus and contained 3 basic characteristics: her prowess, her wisdom, and the masculinity of her virgin nature as she came out of a male not a female Athena and Poseidon fought for the love of Athens, and when Athena won, she put an olive tree as a sign of victory Pallas Athena Tritogeneia Athena’s title, Tritogeneia is confusing as it refers to the river or lake Triton, which makes it seem as if she was at one time a goddess of waters or sea Triton had a daughter named Pallas who used to practice arts of war with Athena, but one time they were fighting and Zeus intervened with the aegis and Athena used it to her advantage and killed Pallas • she later realized what she had done and made a wooden image of the girl with the aegis, and took her name as a maiden name Athena And Arac
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