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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Zoe Zhu

Chapter 1 More than just a jobTechnology is a tool that allows an individual to make an impact far beyond his or her own life Technology on the world stagePolitical Global issues are showing that modern technology is galvanizing groups of ppl in new waysTechnology is used to change the worldPolitical issuesSocial networking gathering together of groups of people using online tools to connect and exchange ideasSocial networking tools like twitter and fb fuelled social unrest in the face of the repression and censorship in many countries Example Egypt man was killed FB was the tool that made people awareHuman RightsTechnology bring citzzens into a more engaged role in changing the worldJamais Casico talks how smartphones can create a better world sustainablesecuredesirableHaving population armed with cameras mean people can easily distribute their videos invisible becomes visableWitness project uses this strategy to stop human rights abuses SLOGAN see it Film it Change itThe EnvironmentWorking on documenting the environment state of the worldWhat if cell phones were equipped with intergrated atmospheric sensorsEach of us empowered with tools to impact the worldThe Digital Divide DDDigital Divide differences in ease of access to technologyDangers of DD prevents us from using all the minds on the planet to solve problemsNEI is a strategic plan to focus on resources on young talented mathematical mindsBy spreading AIMS across the continent can brighten the future for AfricaSmaller DD includeschalkboardswhite boardssmart boardsTECHNOLOGY AND OUR SOCIETYAllows us to redefine parts of out social makeup how we thinkconnectpurchaseconsume products Technology Impacts how we think st 21 century is the generation of creative surplus clay shirky coined this term to describe the ability of the worlds populace to volunteercollaborate on larger projectsautonomyfreedom to work with out constant direction controlmastery feeling confident excitement from seeing your own skills progresspurpose understanding that your working for something largermarketers rely on information from social networks driven by females and more complex model of what groups are attracted toHow we connectthrough music local celebrations gathering festivalsHow we consumeMarketing new strategies result in population having cellphones with camera and intentQuick response codes any piece of print in the real world host a live link to online information and video contentCrowdsourcing obtaining needed services ideas by solicitaing contributions from a large group of people Access Vs OwnershipIdea of ownership is evolving under technological pressures shift of info to digital form is allowing us to change out relationship to objects Example use a bike have a code to unlock lock the bike the amount of time you rode is billed to youTechnology And your LifeCreating changes in the world sceneBetter you understand technology greater your productivity can beBoost your productivityMove beyond casual computer user and achieve computer literacyComputer literatefamiliar with computer that you understand their capabilities limitations and use effectivelyResults in you being a better consumer and allowing you to quickly react to the next round of techSavvy Computer UserAvoiding hackers and virusesProtecting your privacyUnderstand real risksUsing the internet and web wisely Avoiding online annoyancesBeing able to maintainupgradetrouble shoot your computerPrepare for your CareerInformation technology IT field of study focused on managing and processing information Computers telecommunications software departmentsdata minning process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a patternComputer Forensics analyses computer systems with specific techniques to gather potential legal evidence History of the PC35 years ago computers evolved from huge expensive to powerful and small st 1 computer starts in 1975 price exceeded cost of a buildingAltair 8800first personal computerNo monitor or printer used machine codenot userfriendlyApple 1built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniakformed Apple Computer Company Competition included Commodore Radio Shack and IBMBASICBeginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Coderevolutionized the software industry Bill gates and Paul Allenfounders of Microsoftused BASIC to write programs for AltairChapter 2 Understanding the Parts UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMPUTERcomputers are data processing devise1 Input gathers data users enter data2Process manipulates calculates prganizes that fata into information3Output displays data information suitable for user4Storage Saves data for later useData VS InformationData representation of a fact figure idea Can be a number word picture soundInformation 0 data that has been organized ot presented in meaningful fashionComputers process data into informationBitsBytes The Language of Computers How computers process data into informationUse bineary language consists of two digits 01Everything a computer does process data printing editing photo is broken down into series of 01s Binary Digit or bit8 Digitsor bits will create 1 BYTEWhat are BitsBytes used forKilobyte KB Megabyte MB Gigabyte GB
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