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Chapter 8

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Computing and Information Science
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CIS 1000
Zoe Zhu

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Key TermsAnalog Waves that illustrate the loudness of a sound or the brightness of the colors in an image at a given moment in timeAnalogtodigital converter chip Converts analog signals into digital signalsBase transceiver station A large communications tower with antennas amplifiers and receiverstransmittersBluetooth A type of wireless technology that uses radio waves to transmit data over short distances approx 3300 feet depending on power often used to connect peripherals such as printers and keyboards to computers or headsets to cell phonesCellular cell phone A telephone that operates over a mobile networkCell phones can also offer internet access text messaging personal information management PIM features and moreCodec A rule implemented in either software or hardware which squeezes a given amount of audio and video information into less spaceCop
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