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Chapter 10

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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Zoe Zhu

Key TermActionScript the programming language used by Adobe Flash similar to JavaScriptActive Server Pages ASP Programming language used to build websites with interactive capabilities adapts an HTML page to the users selections Adobe Flash a software product for developing webbased multimediaAJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML A collection of technologies that allow the creation of web applications that can update information on a page without requiring the user to refresh or leave the pageAlgorithm A set of specific sequential steps that describe exactly what the computer program must do to complete the required workArchitecture neutral A feature of Java whereby code needs to be compiled only once after which the code can be run on many different CPUsAssembly language see secondgeneration languageBase class In objectoriented analysis the original classBeta version A version of the software thats still under developmentMany beta versions are available for a limited trial period and are used to help the developers correct any errors before they launch the software on the market
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