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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Zoe Zhu

Chapter 1Why Computers Matter to You Becoming Computer Literate Becoming a Savvy Computer User and Consumer o Avoid hackers and viruses o Protect your privacy o Understand the real privacy and security risks o Use the Internet wiselyNow that the personal computer is such a large part of our lives knowing how to analyze choose purchase and maintain your own computer system is a required skill for success in the academic and business worlds Being a savvy consumer will help you accomplish all the goals on this and the following slide It will save you money make you more productive help you protect your identity and ensure that you have a working system when you need it As technology evolves you will also be able to keep up and adapto Avoid online annoyanceso Maintain your computer o Make good purchase decisionso Integrate the latest technology Computers in the Workplaceo Information technology IT involves o Information handling o Information retrieval o Computers o Telecommunications o Software deployment o The seven fastestgrowing occupations are computer relatedComputers are used in most occupations and one career that often comes to mind is information technology IT IT is a field of study focused on managing and processing information and the automatic retrieval of information IT includes computers telecommunications and software deployment IT jobs are on the rise and the seven fastest growing occupations are computer relatedComputers in Your Career o Computers are used ino Retailo Arts o The military o Law enforcemento Agricultureo More
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