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Computing and Information Science
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CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

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Chapter 3 Using the Internet The Internet Why was the Internet created Concept was developed while the USA was in the Cold War with the Soviet UnionUS armed forces were becoming dependent on computers to coordinate and plan activities At the time there was no reliable way to connect computers from different manufacturersLack a common communication method that all computers could use Internet was created in response toEstablishing secure form of military communicationCreating means by which all computers could communicateWho invented the Internet US governmentfunded internetworking project Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ARPANET o Involved UCLA Stanford Research Institution University of California at Santa Barbara University of Utah in Salt Lake CityFirst real communication 1969 between computer at Stanford and UCLA Fathers of the InternetVinton CerfRobert Kahn So are the Web and the Internet the same thing World Wide Web www one component of the Internet the means we use to access information of the InternetComponents of the Internet FTP Gopher Telnet BitTorrentDistinguishing the Web from the InternetCommon communication protocols that enable different computers to talk to each other and display information in compatible formatsSpecial links that enable users to navigate from one place to another on the WebDid the same people who invented the Internet invent the Web Web was invented after Internet Tim BernersLee with the help of Robert Cailliau developed basic structure of the first Web BrowserWeb Browser software that enables a user to display and interact with text and other media on the Web Mosaic made for Macintosh and Windows could display graphics and textHow much has the Internet grown Early to mid 1990sdisplayed enormous growth1997 Internet access was globalWeb Sites locations on the InternetCommunicating Through the Internet EMail and Other Technologies EMailWhy did email catch on so quickly Email electronic mail is a writing message that is sent and received over the InternetFast and convenient Reduced cost of postage and longdistance phone callsOffers privacy Is email private NoCan be easily viewed by others Most are not encrypted How do I write a good email Follow email etiquetteMaintain professionalism and increase efficiencyBe concise and to the pointDo not abbreviate Include subject lineUse emocons sparingly to maintain effectiveness Include signature line with contact or corporate information What do I need to send and receive email Need computer Internet connection email account Are there different types of email accounts Email clients are software programs running on your computer that access your Internet service provider ISP which acts like an electronic post officeMicrosoft Outlook Can only view email on computer it is installed onMost ISPs offer Webbased email What are the advantages of a Webbased email accountClientbased email is only accessible from a computer on which the email client is installed Webbased email accounts make your email accessible from any computer as lonf as you can access the Internet
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