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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter Five Using System SoftwareSystem Software Basics 2 types of software on your computerApplication Software is a system used for everyday tasks at homeSystem Software is a set of programs that help run the computer and coordinate instructions between application software and computers hardware devices o System software consists of two programs operating system and utility programs What does an operating system doOperating System OS is a group of programs that controls how your computer system functionsmanages computers hardware memory storage devices monitor and printerresponsible for the management scheduling and coordination of taskssystem software includes utility programs Utility program performs many of the general housekeeping tasks for the computer Do all computers have operating systemsYESOS is critical Computer cannot operate without it Are all operating systems alikeMicrosoft Disk Operating System MSDOS is a singleuser operating system it was the first widely installed operating system in personal computersIcons are pictures that represent an object Single user to multitask which means to perform more than one process at a timeTypes of Operating Systems OSs RealTime Operating Systems Why do machines with built in computers need operating systemsRealtime operating system RTOS allows repetitive series of specific tasks to be performed in an exact amount of timeRequire minimal user interaction Where else are RTOSs in use todayFuelinjection systems inkjet printers VoIP phones and medical devices What kind of OS controls a simple cell phoneOS systems that perform one task at a timeOSs for Networks Servers and Mainframes What kind of OS do networks useMultiuser OS network OS which enables more than one user to access the computer system at one time by efficiently handling and prioritizing requests from multiple usersServer is the computer on a network that manages network resources such as printersExamples Linux and UNIXUNIX is a multiuser multitask OS used as a network OS primarily with mainframes although it is often found on PCsWhat other kinds of computers require a multiuser OSMainframe is responsible for storing managing and simultaneously processing data from all usersSupercomputers use these as wellOSs for Mobile Devices What kind of OS do smartphones useSmartphone has productivity features in addition to features found on personal media players and cameras as well it connects to the webExamples blackberry Apples Iphone Do gaming consoles and personal media computers require an OSNeed a system software with system programs called firmware that control the device as well as other programs that come with the personal media player of gaming device OSs for Personal Computers What is the Microsoft Windows OSBegan to work with MSDOSWindows XP provided networking capabilitiesWindows 7 an OS builds on security and user interface upgrades that the Windows Vista release provided What is the difference between the various editions of Windows 7 OSsDifferent editions for home users business users and combination users32bit and 64bit versions What is the Mac OSMac OS was the first commercially available OS to incorporate a graphical user interface with user friendly pointandclick technology Does it matter what OS is on my computerComputers platform is the combination of the OS and processorMicrosoft Windows is not meant for a Mac and the Mac would not under stand the Windows OSBoot Camp with the newest version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard allows you to run Windows on a Mac while also running OS X Can I have more than one OS on my computerYES due to the generous size of the hard drivesLinux is an open source OS designed for use on personal computers and as a network OSLinux OS is based on the central programming code of an OS Where else is Linux used
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