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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter 8 Digital Lifestyle Managing Digital Data and Devices A Digital Lifestyle When did everything go digital Everything used to be analogWhat is special about digital Digitized is information that is measured and converted to a stream of numeric values Analog waves that illustrate the loudness of a sound or the brightness of the colors in an image at a given moment in time long continuous wavesWhat advantages do digital formats have over analog ones Digital formats describe signals as long strings of numbersCan be reproduced exactlyCan be distributed easilyHow can a sequence of numbers express complicated analog shapes Analogtodigital conversion the incoming analog signal is measured many times each secondHow has the change from analog to digital technologies affected our lifestyle New useful capabilitiesSmall devices holding large amounts of infoCan efficiently interact with info anytimeDigital Technology Communicating with Bits Telephony is the use of equipment to provide voice communications overs a distance VoIP voice over internet protocolCell Phones and Smartphones What are cell phones and smartphones Cellular phone is a telephone that operates over a wireless network Cell phones can offer Internet access text messaging personal information management PIM features and more Smartphone is a device that combines the functionality of a cell phone PMP and a PDA into one unitHow do cell phones use digital signals Analogtodigital converter chip converts your voices sound waves into digital signalsDigital signal processor is a specialized chip that processes digital information and transmits signals very quicklyWhats cellular about a cell phone
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