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Chapter 10

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Computing and Information Science
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CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

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Chapter 10 Behind the Scenes Building Applications Understanding Software Programming Why would I ever need to create a program If the program does not already exist If Im not going to be a programmer why do I need to know some programming Macros are custom built miniprograms Enable you to customize and automate various features of a softwareCan execute a complicated sequence of steps with a single commandThe Life Cycle of an Information SystemA system is a collection of pieces working together to achieve a common goalAn information system includes data people procedures hardware and software System development life cycle SDLC is a set of steps or organized process to ensure that development proceeds in an orderly fashion System Development Life CycleWhy do I need a process to develop a system These programs are much more complex andNeed to be available for multiple operating systemsWork over networked environmentsBe free of errors and well supportedWhat steps constitute the SDLC There are six stepsoften referred to as a waterfall system 1 Problem and opportunity identification corporations generating ideas 2 Analysis analysts explore in depth the problem to be solved and develop a program specification statement of goals and objectives 3 Design generating a detailed plan for programmers to followFlowcharts are visual diagrams of a processDataflow diagrams trace all data in an information system 4 Development and documentation phase in which actual programming takes place also the first part of the program development life cycle PDLC 5 Testing and installation testing the program to ensure it works properly6 Maintenance and evaluation performance must be monitored bugs must be detected additional enhancementsThe Life Cycle of a Program What is programming Programming is the process of translating a task into a series of commands a computer will use to perform that task
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