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Chapter 11

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University of Guelph
Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

1 Chapter 11 Behind the Scenes Databases and Information Systems Life Without DatabasesDatabase is a collection of related data that can be easily stored sorted organized and queriedA key attribute of databases is that information can be filtered so that you can only see the info you really want ex FacebookShould I use databases for managing all types of dataNO simple lists can be created on word processing or spreadsheet software a spreadsheet in Microsoft excel or table in Word When is a list not appropriateIf complex information needs to be organized or more than one needs access to it a list is not an efficient solution Whats the problem with having two listsA great deal of duplicated data between the two listsData redundancy is when the same data exists in more than one place in a databaseEach time the information in the list changes multiple lists must be updated data inconsistency Aside from data redundancy and inconsistency are there any other problems with using lists instead of databasesWith a list anything can be entered in a row or column even if that information is incorrectInformation can be organized in many waysHow to handle incomplete data Cant I Just exercise caution and set rules for updating listsBeing careful does not avoid the most pressing problems or lists 1 Inability of data to be shared 2 Data redundancy How can I solve the problems associated with listsSingle topics lists is sufficientComplex data a database is sufficientDatabase Building Blocks Advantages to Databases How do databases make out lives easierAllow easy retrieval and storage of large quantities of infoExtremely large electronic databases can provide info in secondsTHREE main ADVANTAGES 1 Enable info storing 2 Promote data integrity 3 Flexible use of dataHow do databases make information sharing possibleOne file is maintained which reduces errors and increases efficiency
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