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Chapter 12

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Computing and Information Science
CIS 1000
Jing Yu Zhu

Chapter 12 Behind the Scenes networking and security in the business worldNetworking AdvantagesA network is a group of two or more computers or nodes that are configured to share information and resources such as printers files and databasesEnables computers and other devices to communicate with each otherWhat advantages do businesses gain from networksIncrease productivity through information sharing Enable expensive resources to be shared such as peripherals Facilitate knowledge sharing through databasesEnables software sharing accessible from the serverFacilitates Internet connectivity which decreases costEnables enhanced communication through social networking tools Are there disadvantages to using networks Network administrators have training in computer and peripheral maintenance and repair networking design and installation of networking software Networks require special equipment and softwareClientServer NetworksA server is a computer that stores and shares resources on a networkA client is a computer that requests resources from a server A clientserver network contains servers as well as client computersDoes my home network have a server Home P2P networks do not need servers Computers act as both clients and servers when appropriateWhen shouldnt a peertopeer network be used Become difficult to administer when expanded to more than 10 users Clientserver networks move data more efficiently than P2P networks Besides having a centralized server what makes a clientserver network different from a peertopeer network Main difference is scalabilityScalability means that more users can be added easily without affecting the performance of the other network nodes computers and peripherals Also peertopeer networks are decentralized Decentralized means that users are responsible for creating their own data dackups and for providing security for their computers Clientserver networks are centralizedCentralized means that all clients connect to a server that performs tasks for them Classifications of ClientServer Networks LANs WANs and MANsFour popular classifications1 Local area networks LAN is a group of computers and peripherals linked together over a relatively small geographical area 2 Wide area networks WAN comprises large numbers of users over a wider physical area or separate LANs that are mils apart 3 Metropolitan area networks MAN established WANs that link users in a specific geographical area 4 Personal area networks PAN a network used to connect wireless devices that are in close proximity to each otherEX Bluetoothenabled deviceso Bluetooth technology uses radio waves to transmit data over short distances Are wireless and work within the personal operating system of an individualo Within 30 feet of ones body What other sorts of networks do businesses use An intranet is a private network set up by an entity that is used exclusively by a select group of individualsFacilitates information sharing database access group scheduling videoconferencing etc Deployed via Transmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol TCPIPNot accessible by unauthorized individuals First main use was to run groupware Extranet is an area of intranet that only certain corporations or individuals can accessUseful for enabling electronic data interchange EID o Allows the exchange of large amounts of business data in a standardized electronic formatWhat security tools do intranets and extranets use Virtual private networks VPN uses public Internet communications infrastructure to build a secure private network among various locationsUse special security technologies and protocols that enhance security enabling data to traverse the Internet as securely as if it were on a private leased lineTunneling is the main technology for achieving a VPN Data packets are placed inside other data packetsTunnel interface is the format of these external data packets is encrypted and is understood only by the sending and receiving hardware Constructing ClientServer Networks Server clientserver networks contain at least one computer that functions solely as a server
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